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Unique Work Prints Set by On Paper. Just 10 copies available!

12 items by 6 authors: Alexandrer Aksakov, Sophia Bulgakova, Sasha Denisova, Artem Lezhepekov, Eugeniy Petrachkov, Iliya Pilipenko.

IMAGE SIZE: 9X13,5 cm
PAPER SIZE: 10X15 cm

All prints signed by authors on the reverse side.

Open Edition Print on archival paper.


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Author: 6 Authors, selected by On Paper
Type of the Print: Archival Pigment
Image Size: 9x13,5 cm
Paper size: 10x15 cm
Type of Print Edition: Unnumbered Open Edition Print (unlimited unnumbered copies of the print)
Signed by Author: Yes, on the Reverse side

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